Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Blue Light Blocking Glasses is a collection of eyewear with Blue Light Blocking technology perfect for working from home. 

What is Blue light, or HEV light, it's high energy visible light with a wavelength of 400-500 mm.

Now that we all check our phone every five minutes, watching TV or on the computer exposing ourselves to the damaging effects of Blue Light. 

Blue light has always been around us, but the more we're in front of screens, the more we expose ourselves to its damaging effects. Strong blue light waves are emitted from our cell phones, laptops, TV screens, LED lighting, and tablets. That's why we're offering an optical collection with blue light blocking technology that diffuses harmful rays. Cool computer glasses? Yes, please. Your eyes will thank you later -- trust us.


Headaches - Digital Eye Strain - Blurry Vision - Physical & Mental Fatigue - Poor Sleep - Stiff Necks - Long Term Retina Damage - Potential Vision Loss